Original article written for : www.inspringindianism.blogspot.com
Being in the second largest country, many people in India takes it as a privilege to do small small mistakes. As you all know this website aims at turning those irresponsible citizens into perfect Indians. The small mistakes that you do in public places (such as splitting in public places, throwing wastes on roads, etc) accumulate into a big mistake. The people those who so these sorts of mistakes only blame that India is not neat and compare India with foreign countries. Instead, they can aim at making India cleaner and they can influence people who do those activities not to do them.
Next, think within yourself, list out the things that you have done for your country. Could you think of 10 items that you have done to your country, being a citizen? If you have not, here is a turn for you to do a huge contribution to our country. The major problem in our country is power production. Imagine a day in your life without electricity? It is every citizens’ duty to conserve power in their country. Because you are over using electricity, someone else would be definitely suffer without power. Use only eco-friendly products. You may think, me being a single person may not do a huge make over to this, but think a 1 million people going eco-friendly, it would definitely do a huge change to the society.

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