Saving Should start at your doorstep. These are simple and ordinary steps by which you can save power consumption by 20-30% at your house.

  • Switch off lights, fans and other gadgets when not required.
  • Don’t even leave your computer or TV on standby.
  • Use a liquid crystal flat screen monitor for your computer or TV, it uses ¼ of the power of a tube monitor and is better for the eyes
  • Don’t set your washing machine for a hot water wash-90% of the energy used in operating a washing machine goes toward heating the water that washes and rinses the cloths. Use warm or cold water instead.
  • Set the AC in the economy mode so that it switches off when the room cools to the required temprature
  • Don’t set the thermostat of your refrigerator too high. Lowering the temperature even one degree can make a difference
  • Buy energy efficient home appliances like LED lights and CFL lights.
  • If you can’t switch to solar water heaters, get timers for your geysers
These are simple ways where we are careless and loose most of our money. So follow these steps and contribute towards conservation !!

By Gireesh (mail :