The word eco means environment. The upcoming Diwali is termed as Kali Diwali. The reason is the excessive use of crackers. There was the recent news of Mumbai spenting Rs 6

00 crores on crackers. That is only Mumbai, think of the rest of India. For the enjoyment of a few
people and for few hours is it worth wasting so much money? When many poor people sleep with empty stomachs, many are dying without medicine, many are sleeping in the cold on the footpath, I do not understand the logic behind spending so much money on crackers.
The whole world is concerned about pollution and global warming. Crackers increase pollution and increase the temperature as well. The poor are the biggest sufferers. Rich people enjoy and poor people suffer as they do not have a roof above their heads and poor nourishment, thus making them suffer more. The administration also banned the sale of crackers in congested markets, narrow lanes and crowded areas. Even licensed fire cracker sellers would not be allowed to sell cra

ckers in public places. They have been restricted from storing crackers in residential areas or private houses, failing which action would be taken against them.
Crackers are an essential part of Diwali. However, pollution level in the air shoots up drastically during Diwali. Instead of selecting traditional chemical cracker this Diwali go for eco-friendly crackers. Eco-friendly crackers are made up of recycled paper and the sound produced by these crackers is under the decibel limit defined by the Pollution Board. These crackers produce paper fluffers and different color lights instead of sound on bursting. There are a number of grounds designated for sale of crackers, to buy Eco-friendly firecrackers.