Yeah, you have read it absolutely correct, our planet needs help, so people from different sections of society have started giving a thought over the slogan “save the planet”, masses in large numbers are now-a-days getting conscious about their lonely planet, which has been found by a recent online polling where people actively participated. You might be familiar to the fact that everything we perform in our daily routine has some or other impact on our sensitive planet. The occupation we indulge in to earn our and our family’s bread and butter to the comfortable ride we take, everything sets to deteriorate our planet’s health.
Each of our acts imposes a heavy burden on the environment. Human beings are the one who love their freedom be it the freedom of speech, freedom to move anywhere or anything else. Yes, they also love the freedom of traveling, they move anywhere or everywhere, but this travel costs a heavy expense, not to the human beings, but the environment. The environment has to go through the adverse conditions. This ground reality was in the past an unknown myth to everyone, you too are conceding to this fact.
But today, conditions are not the same as they were before. Today, quite lot commuters are very well familiar with this bitter truth; they are becoming more and more conscious of the consequences of their activities. Perception of the travelers has evolved over years. They are willing to choose a different course of action to rectify their mistakes and the main reason behind this change is the consciousness to protect the environment.
The recent online polling of more than 24,500 consumers from 144 countries, conducted by the guidebook publisher Lonely Planet has ultimately come out to a conclusion which says that the number of people willing to consider offsetting carbon emissions has increased. Visitors understand the outcome of their actions, might be they have understood the famous phrase “Precaution is better than care.” Therefore they have left the alternative of airplane and adapted to the least affecting transport. They have come up with new innovative ideas like using annual personal carbon allowance, lessening usage of air travel or by chance if they are in extreme need for its usage, then they pay more for that by means of usingcarbon tax. So, this awareness has helped in a massive way because people have turned skeptical in discourse of their actions because they don’t want that there actions should be paid by the caring environment.
There are some people in the society who find rail-travel as unreliable because it consumes a lot of time as well as it is costly. People are putting off by the high price of tickets. But, there exists some people who are comfortable with rail travel and find it an appropriate option. However, I appreciate the efforts bestowed by the people who are ready to compromise with easy but rather dangerous modes of transport. Hence the efforts endowed by the travelers for positive results give a way to ray of hope that we may be successful in our joint initiative of saving the planet earth.

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