Well this post explains about how the idea of creating a blog originated. Like most of us I was also careless like when we leave a room, not turning off the fans and lights. but now, I get irritated when I see a light glowing at a place where there is no one. Let me explain you how this transformation occurred within me.

One year back my house’s electricity would be around 1500 – 1800 INR. But all of a sudden one summer, the current bill was 3200 INR. My mom and dad started blasting me saying that because of excessive usage of computer by me and because of my carelessness only the electricity bill was raised. I totally got pissed off and decided to show them that I am not the cause of that electricity bill, and that I can conserve power too.

So from that day onwards I started turning off each and every switch I saw in my house so that I can conserve power. To all of our surprise the next month bill was only 1200 INR, which was 500 INR lesser than our average. So I did a simple calculation. Our average power consumption every month was 720 watts. But that month it was just 590 watts. Assuming that I saved 110 watts per month, I would save 1320 watts every year. That is 1.32 KW per year single handed. Then if I turned off power at some public places like college, common area in flat, etc, I could save over 2 KW per year. If I stir this thought in minds of some 10 people, I would save over 20 KW power. For this reason only I have opened this blog. Hoping that this would be a small step towards a large conservation! Looking forward for your support for development of this blog as well as saving our Mother Earth!!